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Division: Office & Commercial

Client Overview

A client in Hampshire sought a Marketing Analyst & Researcher, a novel position for their business. They required a candidate with strong analytical skills, independence, and the ability to conduct in-depth market research. Initially envisioning a 12-month contract, the client was uncertain about the role’s specifics.

Bond Williams' Strategic Approach

Launching a targeted search, we swiftly connected with a promising candidate. After an initial discussion, we discussed with the client how the candidate could add real value and promptly submitted the candidate’s CV for review and facilitated an interview the next day. Recognising the candidate’s eagerness, we ensured seamless communication, including the swift exchange of queries to clarify the role’s nuances.

Successful Outcome and Conclusion

Remarkably, we secured the role in just four days, presenting only one candidate. Two interviews later, the client decided to transition the role from a 12-month contract to a permanent position, aligning perfectly with the candidate’s and client’s needs. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with our service, emphasising effective communication, constant availability, and seamless coordination throughout the process.

Bond Williams not only met but exceeded expectations by efficiently addressing unique requirements, establishing a successful and enduring professional partnership between the client and the candidate.