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Division: Office & Commercial

Client Overview

The client sought a Customer Support Manager & Customer Support Administrator for a fully onsite role with specific requirements: experience of working in financial services and a good understanding of investments and being able to adapt their style from dealing with large corporate contacts to the most vulnerable of customers. The challenge the client had set for us was to align both hires to start together on the same date.  The client was unsure on salaries for both roles and needed guidance with salary benchmarking in the market. Handover had to be completed with the new Customer Support Manager and they needed the new starters to be able to attend training prior to their start date.

Bond Williams' Strategic Approach

We were originally given the opportunity to work on one role as repeat exclusive business, the client was unsure on the job title and the exact need at the time of the initial enquiry and needed guidance. We arranged a meeting to discuss the requirement for a Customer Support Manager to help support them. On the call we took down details of the ideal candidate they were looking for and based on the information provided about the workload, we advised that it would be beneficial to split this into two roles and give the Customer Support Manager administrative support within the team. The salary that the client suggested was low in comparison to the current market and location for the role. After collecting all the vital information and agreed the criteria with our client, we started sourcing immediately.

Successful Outcome and Conclusion

We carefully selected our candidates and the client conducted three interviews, with 2 stages and offered two candidates the roles. We managed to find candidates that were immediately available, locally based and happy to join the training for handover with the current Manager on the specified dates.