Our Process


Our Process


Job hunting can be daunting and sometimes difficult. Whatever has prompted your search, we are here to help

Finding the right representative for you is vital. When talking to other agencies, check they are professional, listen to how they sound on the phone, question them about their knowledge of the market place they are going to represent you in. Some agencies will have specialists for particular sectors meaning they should have even better market knowledge than those that are more general, they should have good contacts and leads within those sectors they represent. It is wise to be selective, register with quality agencies, choosing those that you think will represent you in the best possible way. Agencies are unlike job centres and equally they will only want to work with you if they genuinely think they can help you, it is not worth wasting your time or by registering lots of people they cannot help. They should be able to give you the best help and guidance and if not, they should be able to point you in the direction of someone who can or at least be able to help with your journey.

The Process

We like to meet all of our candidates face to face, we appreciate this isn’t always possible due to work commitments, however, it really does help us secure you that perfect role and we will do what we can to make that to happen!

Getting to know you better allows us to be familiar with your experience, skills, qualifications and discuss your ideal role.

This gives us an opportunity to ensure we are searching for and securing that perfect position from both a skills and cultural fit. 

Our Meeting

Attending a pre-booked in-house meeting with one of our specialist consultants, we like to book a time for you so that we can give you the time you need.

Attend this meeting in business dress, bring an updated CV and be prepared to discuss realistic job aspirations so that we can have a productive conversation and help get your search underway.

This is still an interview, you are still looking to make a good impression; we want to be able to champion you to our clients and this first impression will count.

Our initial meeting involves discussing and assessing your CV, suggesting any improvements we feel will help and discussing any suitable relevant vacancies, giving you a greater insight into companies that could use your skills.

What happens after the meeting?

Honesty is vital on both sides – if we speak to you about a role and it is not for you or if you have been for interviews beforehand just let us know. Be prepared for us to be open with you about your suitability and options. Remember, it is in all of our interest to find you the right role, we will advise you if you don’t have the skills for the role, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Once we secure an interview for you, we will ensure you are fully briefed and have all the relevant information to give you the best chance of success.

You will need to do your own research and of course the interview, we will guide and help you wherever we can during this process, after all, interviews can sometimes be daunting, the more prepared you are the more confident you will feel.

We work best for you when we can communicate openly with you.

What happens after the client interview?

Call us with feedback after your interview to let us know what you thought of the role and the company.

We also ask clients for interview feedback as well and we will pass on feedback and any additional information to help both parties.

Clients could take it as a sign that you are not enthusiastic about the job if they are not given your feedback. We can also help to resolve any queries arising from the interviews.

We will then liaise with both parties for a successful outcome, agreeing salaries and benefits where needed, keeping in touch with you through to your start date and beyond ensuring you settle as quickly as possible.


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