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We operate a best practice recruitment policy, driving our values all the way through the business and ensuring the process is beneficial for both clients and candidates.

Our help and advice articles will help you recognise success,  address and overcome issues and emphasise best practice for all stages of the recruitment process.


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How does your recruitment process reflect on your brand?

Even the best brands can sometimes have the most complicated processes. Whilst finding exceptional talent is all important, making sure you don’t lose any talent throughout the process is fundamental as well. Here are our 5 points to assessing and streamlining your recruitment process.

Successful onboarding


Successful Onboarding

Whilst employment and retention is vitally important to the recruitment process, finding the best candidate and signing the contract is only the beginning.

Successful onboarding


How to write an effective job description

To recruit successfully for a job it is important to put some time into considering what skills and experience are actually needed and then, commit it to paper. You have a much better chance of attracting the best talent if there is a well thought-out job and personal specification for the role.

Successful onboarding


CV checklist – What to look for when screening applications

Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and respond appropriately to applicants be they successful or otherwise.

Successful onboarding


Writing an offer letter

So you have invested a huge amount of time in sourcing, interviewing and identifying the right person for the job but the hard work doesn’t end there! Next you need to secure their commitment through a well worded offer letter. Here’s how…

Successful onboarding


An employer guide to counter offers

The recruitment process can be both time consuming and costly especially to get it right. Once you have offered the job to your preferred candidate, it can be hugely frustrating to know they have been counter-offered by their current company in order to stop them leaving.

Successful onboarding

A huge thank you for finding me just what I wanted.  I cannot believe the speed, efficiency and professionalism you have shown in placing me into a temporary assignment.  You seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and the type of job I would find interesting and worthwhile. I am so pleased I came to Bond Williams.

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