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Division: Office & Commercial

Client Overview

A charitable organisation faced a unique challenge due to their remote location. Situated far from public transport hubs, their office-based roles posed logistical difficulties. Additionally, as a charity, they were initially hesitant about embracing change.

Bond Williams' Strategic Approach

Despite years of stability, the organisation recognised the need for transformation. They embarked on a comprehensive project to redefine their future and financial sustainability. Our team collaborated closely with them, offering strategic advice and innovative solutions. By presenting evidence of better-suited candidates with charity experience who were geographically distant, we convinced the client that this approach could yield positive results. Understanding the limitations of their location, we recommended a shift toward remote/hybrid working. We emphasised the importance of understanding candidate motivations. In a competitive market, candidates wield significant power. Offering flexible working arrangements, and other attractive benefits became essential.

Successful Outcome and Conclusion

Our collaborative efforts bore fruit. The client entrusted us with multiple roles, appreciating the diverse options we provided. By embracing change, and tailoring our approach to their unique circumstances, we successfully filled critical positions. The organisation now enjoys a stronger talent pool, positioning them for sustained growth.