Board-level placement in London after 6-month wait


Division: Office & Commercial – Executive Level
Location: London
Recruitment Consultant: Hannah Hashtroudi


The client brief

Our London-based COO client was handling his own recruitment for a Board-level role, but was frustrated at the amount of time (almost six months) it was taking. He was looking for a Chief Marketing Officer and had already sought help in the form of a head-hunter and recruitment agency in the city which he’d paid £15,000 upfront for but with no success.


The Bond Williams approach

It was important to identify the reasons for lack of suitable candidate matching so far and so we discussed the client’s frustrations at length. We agreed to help them fill the role with a fee only being payable on successful placement.

One of our Executive Recruitment experts, Hannah, shortlisted suitable candidates based on her knowledge of the marketplace and proactive headhunting. The initial list was then shortened further based on culture fit and by pre-screening candidates. After several discussions, Hannah interviewed a select few suitable candidates and presented a final list to the client.


The outcome

The client interviewed all submitted candidates and was amazed at the quality of the applicants submitted. After six months of failed attempts, we were able to help the client find and offer a job to the right candidate within 14 days.

A huge thank you for finding me just what I wanted.  I cannot believe the speed, efficiency and professionalism you have shown in placing me into a temporary assignment.  You seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and the type of job I would find interesting and worthwhile. I am so pleased I came to Bond Williams.

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