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Division: Office & Commercial – Executive Level

Client Overview

Our London-based COO client faced a significant recruitment challenge in filling a crucial Chief Marketing Officer role.

Despite investing £15,000 upfront with a head-hunter and a recruitment agency, almost six months had passed with no success.

Frustration and Urgency

The client’s frustration grew as time passed, and the urgency of the situation intensified. Having handled recruitment independently for months, the COO sought Bond Williams’ assistance to break the recruitment stalemate.

Bond Williams Approach and Expertise

Strategic Discussion and Commitment

Recognising the critical nature of the Board-level vacancy, Bond Williams engaged in detailed discussions with the client. We committed to addressing the challenges identified and pledged to fill the role, with fees payable only upon a successful placement.

Proactive Headhunting and Cultural Fit

Our Executive Recruitment experts, leveraged proactive headhunting to identify suitable candidates. Our approach prioritised not only the candidates’ skills but also their cultural fit within the company, ensuring alignment with organisational values.

Results and Swift Resolution

Quality Candidates and Client Satisfaction

Our efforts yielded a final list of high-quality candidates, impressing the client with their calibre. The client, after six months of frustration, interviewed and selected the right candidate from Bond Williams’ recommendations.

Swift Turnaround

Remarkably, within a mere 14 days, Bond Williams facilitated the client in finding and offering the job to the perfect candidate. This swift resolution underscored our commitment to delivering effective and timely recruitment solutions and not only that, we were given 2 other Senior posts to recruit for.