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Division: Accounting & Finance

Client Overview

Following a management buyout, our client faced the critical task of recruiting a Finance Director for their organisation in Dorset. Despite engaging a London-based recruitment agency, the outcomes were suboptimal, with candidates not meeting the desired quality or cultural fit for the company.

Tailored Approach

 Bond Williams Approach

Our Accounting & Finance Division took a hands-on approach by meeting with the client to gain a deep understanding of their business and the specific requirements for the new Finance Director role. Leveraging their unrivalled specialist sector recruitment experience, coupled with their local knowledge of the senior finance candidate marketplace and competitor insights they set out to create a tailored strategy.

Thorough Shortlisting and Headhunting

Utilising their extensive personal network of contacts and conducting a comprehensive market analysis to headhunt potential candidates. This meticulous process resulted in a thorough shortlist of high-calibre candidates, all of whom underwent interviews and were pre-screened by our specialist team.

Swift and Successful Outcome


In just three weeks from receiving the initial instruction, they presented a total of eight highly skilled and well-qualified Finance Directors to the client. Six of these candidates underwent interviews, with two progressing to meet other Board members. Impressively, an offer was extended within the three-week timeframe, showcasing Bond Williams’ agility, efficiency and commitment to delivering high-calibre senior executives.


This case study exemplifies the impactful partnership between Bond Williams and our client in the Accounting & Finance division. Through a tailored and consultative approach, we swiftly identified and presented top-tier candidates, successfully fulfilling the client’s critical need for a Finance Director post-management buyout.