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Division: Human Resources

Client Overview

Our client, an esteemed international brand based in Poole, faced a critical challenge as they sought a Group Head of Compensation. The need arose from the promotion of a current employee, creating the necessity for an experienced professional to take charge of the rewards and benefits team.

Candidate Requirements

The ideal candidate had to possess a proven track record in compensation and share plans. Additionally, they needed familiarity with general HR practices and a deep understanding of legislative requirements across multiple countries.

Bond Williams' Strategic Approach

Bond Williams Approach

Deploying a multi-faceted approach, we leveraged traditional recruitment methods, tapped into our extensive database and network, and utilised online platforms. Recognising the unique demands of the role, we initiated a headhunting project. However, challenges surfaced when candidates approached had salary expectations beyond the client’s budget.

Challenges and Client Communication

Transparent communication with the client was paramount. We openly discussed the challenges encountered, particularly the higher salary expectations identified through the headhunting project. This collaborative approach ensured alignment and a shared understanding of the hurdles faced.

Candidate Sourcing and Negotiation

A suitable candidate was identified, but negotiations were challenging due to salary misalignments. Through perseverance and strategic negotiation, we facilitated an interview and successfully secured a job offer, albeit at a slightly higher salary than initially planned.

Successful Outcome and Conclusion


The successful candidate not only met but exceeded expectations. Their expertise in compensation and share plans, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of HR practices, made them an invaluable addition to the team.


This case study underscores Bond Williams’ adaptability and commitment to finding tailored solutions. By navigating challenges and maintaining transparent communication, we not only successfully secured a candidate who precisely fit the client’s needs but also contributed significantly to the growth of the organisation.