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Division: IT & Software Solutions

Client Overview

In the dynamic realm of IT & Software Solutions, a specialised aviation systems test business approached Bond Williams with a distinctive challenge. They were in search of a very rare skilled C++ Software Developer who would start their role in Paris for 12 months, eventually relocating permanently to Dorset in the UK. Previous attempts with a European agency proved unsuccessful, with candidates either lacking English proficiency or expressing reluctance to relocate to the UK.

Bond Williams' Strategic Network Utilisation

Bond Williams Approach

To tackle this unique challenge, our specialist IT divisions swiftly mobilised their extensive network of software engineers. Leveraging strong relationships built over the years with candidates, many of whom had been supported throughout their entire careers, our team knew exactly who to approach first. A key contact, an English-born professional working in Oxford, possessed the precise skills required and was ready for an immediate relocation.

Network Engagement and Candidate Identification

The team engaged in thorough outreach, conducting meticulous searches to identify potential candidates. Recognising the critical need for continuity in skill sets between France and the UK, they approached individuals with a proven track record of expertise in both locations.

Rapid Success and Seamless Integration


After a rigorous selection process involving three interviews, including face-to-face and overseas Skype sessions, and successfully passing a technical test, the ideal candidate emerged. Remarkably, the job offer was extended on a Thursday, and by the following Saturday, the candidate was en route to Paris. This swift and effective recruitment turnaround demonstrated Bond Williams’ commitment to meeting our client’s unique needs and overcoming challenges that stumped previous agencies.  


This case study illustrates Bond Williams’ ability to navigate intricate recruitment scenarios within the IT & Software Solutions division. Through a strategic approach, leveraging our network, and identifying a candidate with the perfect skill set and immediate availability, we not only fulfilled the client’s rare skill requirement but also facilitated a seamless transition from Paris to Dorset.