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Division: IT & Software Solutions

Client Overview

In Bournemouth, a Technical Director found himself grappling with recruitment challenges as he engaged multiple agencies and invested in job advertising to secure a skilled PHP Web Developer. Despite these efforts, the lack of quality candidates, coupled with the frustration of falling behind on critical projects and deadlines, prompted the need for a fresh approach.

Bond Williams' Strategic Intervention

Bond Williams Approach

Our specialist IT & Software Solutions recruitment team engaged in detailed discussions with the client to comprehend the specific requirements and crucial skills necessary for project success. It became evident that the candidates submitted by other agencies lacked the relevant skill level, especially in PHP. Applying industry knowledge and common sense, we identified the importance of Laravel experience. Through targeted CV searches and proactive headhunting, we curated a shortlist of three candidates, two possessing both Laravel and PHP skills.

Focus on Laravel Expertise

Recognising the significance of Laravel expertise, we honed in on this skill during the screening and pre-screening processes. This strategic focus ensured that the candidates presented aligned with the client’s specific needs, leading to a more efficient and targeted recruitment process.

Swift Success and Client Satisfaction


All three candidates underwent thorough interviews and skills testing, culminating in the acceptance of an offer by one candidate. Impressively, the successful candidate negotiated a shorter notice period, facilitating an earlier start date and expediting the client’s project progression. The client expressed gratitude for the efficiency and high quality of the candidates presented. The entire process, from the initial brief to candidate offer, took a mere two weeks, underscoring Bond Williams’ ability to swiftly address critical recruitment needs.


This case study highlights Bond Williams’ strategic and efficient approach in the IT & Software Solutions division. By identifying and focusing on crucial skills, we not only overcame the challenges faced by other agencies but also delivered high-quality candidates promptly, enabling our client to advance with his projects effectively.