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We have been running Free Seminars since 2008 for HR and leadership professionals as well as people managers.

The world of HR changes at such a speed we know how busy you can be supporting everyone else, whilst not able to carve out time or allocate funds to developing yourself or your teams. These events are our way of giving back to you whilst also allowing you an opportunity to network, share your experiences, learn and collaborate with your peers and industry professionals. Over the years this community has grown and supported one another both within the forums and thereafter being of great value both personally and professionally. Running in partnership with specialists from across the board including our Yearly Employment Law Update, Mock Tribunals, NLP Practitioners, ACAS, Management and Leadership Trainers and Guest speakers, which have included a Premiership Manager and coach. Our aim is for the time you spend with us to be both thought-provoking, informative and well spent. In 2020 we moved our events to online for the foreseeable future and have expanded our quarterly sessions to monthly, giving clients easier access and making the sessions even more diverse and popular.

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Is it time for a “she-bound”?

July 19 @ 9:15 am - 10:45 am

Join us at our next Bond Williams Webinar with guest speakers Dr Alison Maitland and Liz Walker, Directors of Becoming International, for a session considering whether the global pandemic offers businesses an opportunity to create a “she-bound”.

It is plain to see that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of work immeasurably.  This session will explore whether these changes present a unique opportunity to “build back better” for women and create a significant shift in gender equity in the workplace.

We’ll start by examining the changes that we are experiencing to our working world.  We’ll talk about the “she-cession” (the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on equality for women in the workplace) and the “great resignation” (the large numbers of people considering leaving their current employer).  You’ll have a chance to discuss your experiences and the impact that you are seeing in your organisations.

And we’ll consider the opportunity created by these events, to shift the dial on gender equity in the workplace.  What might it take, both organisationally and personally, to seize this opportunity and create an inflection point for women in business?

The session will be based on Becoming’s recent whitepaper, published in December 2021 and available here:  https://becoming.international/whitepaper_becoming_international/

Becoming International is a women’s leadership and development business, on a mission to help women lead unapologetic lives.  Dr Alison Maitland is a psychologist and coach, who has lead and worked in HR and Leadership Development for multi-national organisations across Europe and North America.  Liz Walker is a coach and facilitator, with experience in Leadership and Learning and Development for global professional service organisations.

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July 19
9:15 am - 10:45 am
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United Kingdom

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