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Division: Engineering, Science & Space

Client Overview

A prominent biotech firm in Oxford sought a highly skilled scientist specialising in molecular biology and genetic research.

The client’s urgency was underscored by the need for a candidate with a proven record in groundbreaking research and an eagerness to contribute to avant-garde projects.

The ideal candidate had to possess expertise in cutting-edge biotechnological techniques and a fervour for pushing scientific boundaries.

Bond Williams' Strategic Approach

Bond Williams Approach

Tailoring our strategy to the client’s unique needs, we collaborated closely with their hiring managers, delving into company culture, project specifics, and key skills.

Conducting a comprehensive market analysis, we explored candidates within and beyond the region, utilising our extensive scientific community network.

Combining traditional recruitment methods with online platforms, we pinpointed professionals with robust backgrounds in molecular biology, genetics, and relevant biotechnological research.

Our focus extended beyond technical expertise, targeting candidates aligned with the company’s values and commitment to innovation.

Successful Outcome and Conclusion

Successful Outcome:  Our meticulous process led us to an outstanding scientist, holding a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, boasting a prolific publication record in reputable journals. This candidate surpassed the client’s expectations, and our streamlined interview process ensured their alignment with the company’s research goals. The client extended an offer promptly, enthusiastically accepted by the candidate.

Exceeding Expectations: The placement transcended expectations. The new scientist seamlessly integrated into the research team, infusing fresh perspectives, and contributing significantly to ongoing projects. Our recruitment process, praised for its efficiency, delivered not only technical prowess but also a candidate harmoniously fitting into the dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Conclusion: Our tailored recruitment approach resulted in the placement of an exceptional scientist, amplifying innovation, and solidifying the client’s position as a biotech industry leader in Oxford.