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Division: Accountancy and Finance

Client Overview

Situated in Poole, our client, a rapidly growing bookkeeping bureau in the Accountancy and Finance sector, faced a common challenge in recruiting the right talent. Despite maintaining a positive work culture through conventional office-based approaches, the company struggled to attract the desired calibre of candidates.

Client’s Pain Points

Despite offering unique perks like a relaxed dress code and mental wellbeing initiatives, the company faced difficulties in securing suitable candidates. The core issue stemmed from the increasing demand for hybrid working arrangements, a trend reflected in the competitive job market.

Bond Williams' Strategic Intervention

Bond Williams Approach

Recognising the evolving landscape, Bond Williams leveraged constant feedback from the market to advise our client strategically. We emphasised the importance of embracing hybrid working and encouraged a comprehensive review of their benefits and work structure.

Market Insights and Benefits Review

Our team provided valuable market insights, highlighting the shift in candidates’ preferences for hybrid work setups. A thorough benefits review was conducted, aligning the remuneration package and job specifications with current market demands.

Strategic Change

After a year of unsuccessful independent recruiting efforts, our client embraced change by fully adopting the hybrid working model. They not only heeded our advice but also relocated to Wimborne, expanding their talent pool. This decision allowed for a more flexible work environment catering to individual preferences.

Transformative Results and Conclusion

Hybrid Working Model

The company now offers a compelling hybrid working model, allowing employees to choose their work location on specific days. Adopting compressed hours over four days, with flexible start/end times between 6 am and 6 pm, ensured coverage during core business hours while accommodating varied work preferences. 

Measurable Results

The transformation yielded swift and positive results. Within a few weeks of implementing these changes, Bond Williams successfully placed a candidate, signalling a remarkable turnaround in the recruitment process. Employee satisfaction increased, and the company witnessed a surge in the quality and quantity of applicants.


This case study underscores how Bond Williams, armed with market insights and a forward-thinking approach, empowered our client to adapt and thrive in the competitive talent landscape. The strategic shift to hybrid working not only addressed immediate recruitment challenges but also positioned the company as an employer of choice in the evolving job market.