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We have been running Free Seminars since 2008 for HR and leadership professionals as well as people managers.

The world of HR changes at such a speed we know how busy you can be supporting everyone else, whilst not able to carve out time or allocate funds to developing yourself or your teams. These events are our way of giving back to you whilst also allowing you an opportunity to network, share your experiences, learn and collaborate with your peers and industry professionals. Over the years this community has grown and supported one another both within the forums and thereafter being of great value both personally and professionally. Running in partnership with specialists from across the board including our Yearly Employment Law Update, Mock Tribunals, NLP Practitioners, ACAS, Management and Leadership Trainers and Guest speakers, which have included a Premiership Manager and coach. Our aim is for the time you spend with us to be both thought-provoking, informative and well spent. In 2020 we moved our events to online for the foreseeable future and have expanded our quarterly sessions to monthly, giving clients easier access and making the sessions even more diverse and popular.

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Your Greatest Resource: Unlock Unlimited Potential webinar

21/09/2021 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Join us at our next Bond Williams Webinar with guest speak Tim Threipland, OD Practice Lead from Franklin Covey for This 90-minute session – Your Greatest Resource: Unlock Unlimited Potential

In this webinar we explore what it takes to develop a high-trust environment that both taps into latent talent to gain greater results, and creates a safe space for their mistakes. Join us to discover the mindsets and toolsets of abundant leaders who leverage employee growth to individual and organisational advantage, with a focus on:

  • The behaviours that foster confidence and generate excitement in teams towards increased collaboration and innovation
  • Empowering individuals to realise their full potential, wherever they are
  • How to communicate to leadership that they can’t- and shouldn’t- do everything alone

It’s been a long, tough haul for leaders and their teams. Now, as you look to re-organise, recover, and accelerate, how do you clear the path for your people to raise the bar for themselves and the company, without burning them out? Or draining resources?

First is to remove the misconception that your people can’t handle more. Rather, they won’t volunteer more discretionary effort, or believe they can, unless their leader is in their corner: seeing, supporting and prioritising the employees unique capability over their own thinking. It is a difficult truth that leadership habits adopted this past year with the intention of making people’s lives easier, can instead be accidentally diminishing what they have to offer- let alone their desire to offer it.

With our increased awareness around why, how and where we carry out our roles, a 2020 Gallup report finding that “how people experience their workload has a stronger influence on burnout than hours worked” is perhaps now more urgent than ever. The longer people go with unfulfilled, underestimated, or misaligned potential, the more you create a recipe for disengagement: people who are both overworked and yet underchallenged. Join us to find more…..

Tim’s passion and focus for nearly 30 years has been on coaching leaders and facilitating high-value team conversations.  FranklinCovey is one of the top leadership development companies in the world, helping organisations implement strategy, close operational gaps, increase sales, and drive high levels of customer and employee loyal.

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9:30 am - 11:00 am
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