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Welcome to Bond Williams Future Events, where we bridge the gap between knowledge and opportunity. Since 2008, we’ve been committed to hosting Free Seminars tailored for HR and Leadership professionals. Recognising the dynamic nature of HR, we empathise with the challenges you encounter while supporting others. Our events offer a chance to invest in your development amidst busy schedules, fostering networking, knowledge-sharing, learning, and collaboration with peers, thought leaders, and industry professionals.

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Unlocking the Myths: Mental Health and Suicide in the Workplace

17 Sep 2024

Join us for an illuminating session dedicated to dispelling the myths surrounding mental health and suicide in the workplace.

HR professionals hold a pivotal role in fostering supportive environments for employees’ well-being. In today’s evolving landscape, where mental health concerns are increasingly prevalent, it’s essential for HR teams to arm themselves with the knowledge and resources necessary for effective suicide prevention.

Our facilitator, Emma Tomes, Founder of The Mental Health People Ltd, will lead an engaging discussion. With expertise in mental health first aid training, Emma specialises in empowering teams and leaders to enhance self-awareness and embrace new perspectives around mental health. Leveraging a diverse skill set, including training, coaching, and counselling, Emma delivers innovative approaches and insightful discussions, equipping participants with the tools to have lifesaving conversations.

Join us for a transformative session that promises to challenge preconceptions and cultivate a deeper understanding of mental health in the workplace, empowering HR professionals to create environments where employees thrive.

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September 17
10:00 - 11:30
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