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Hannah Darby, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Bond Williams Professional Recruitment has 5 years specialist experience in the Office & Commercial recruitment sector within the local area. She is dedicated to placing the best candidates in some of the best companies and organisations in the region and has a growing reputation for a high level of service from both clients and jobseekers. Here are the reasons she believes it is so important for companies looking for new recruits to ensure they go through a reputable recruitment company.

Safety in your search

Job scams are on the rise in the UK so ensure you are using an agency who are a member of an Industry Association which means an extra layer of checks and high levels of vigilance. This gives extra reassurance to companies, and also jobseekers that they are dealing with a reputable company. Companies who are a member of an Industry Association will be working hard to protect their own reputations and will therefore have standards in place to prevent job scams and meet legislative standards. This means recruiters will take extra steps to ensure jobs, companies, and information is genuine and correct.

Process managed from start to finish

Requirements for a new position are sometimes required to be very specific and this means, as an employer, it’s invaluable to have a specialist on hand who understands and has access to a database of candidates in your niche area. Sourcing, profiling and screening candidates may not be within the skills of your in-house team. Good recruitment companies use traditional, people-focused recruitment strategy for candidate selection and campaign management, this also allows you to dedicate much less time and internal resources to recruitment and concentrate instead on driving their business forward.

Find the best

A reputable professional agency will be in a position to access a range of quality active and passive candidates, not to mention their wide network of contacts collected over their years in the business. They will also be optimising their job adverts to rank highly in candidate’s job searches. Candidates that are actively looking for work are much more likely to register with a recruitment agency that has a high reputation through word of mouth. More importantly through their interview skills both over the phone and also face to face they are more likely to find you the right fit not just in skills but also in culture and values.

Setting salary expectations

A reputable recruitment agency will be able to give you accurate benchmarking of roles through their knowledge of the current marketplace and what salaries are in demand for each position not to mention what your competitors are paying. Using salary data and local market knowledge they should be able to advise you on what the correct salary is for each different role that you are recruiting for and offer advice and guidance on rare skill sets when needed.

Additional specialist services

Psychometric profiling in the recruitment process can supply insightful and valuable information for shortlisting interviewees but sourcing these tests independently can be time consuming and expensive. It can help if the agency you work with offers specialist advice on psychometric profiling which helps you to also integrate this into your own recruitment processes. This kind of testing can help employers incorporate behavioural based interview questions and support more in-depth discussion during the interview stage. This enables you to see how people conduct themselves, how they communicate, their strengths and weaknesses and how to use this to make the best possible selection for the position.


Recruiting for temporary or contract work gives you the opportunity to work around gaps created by holidays, maternity leave or rise and fall in workflow created by new projects or a less busy period. Using an agency allows companies fast access to temporary candidates without the hassle of managing the process themselves.

If you are a business looking for new talent we can work with you to source the best candidates to help drive your business forward. Contact us today to discuss your requirements 01202 233777.

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