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Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and respond appropriately to applicants be they successful or otherwise.

When revising a CV it is a good idea to have your job application alongside these key questions to ascertain whether a candidate is suitable for the role. Some companies may use a scoring matrix to benchmark the CV’s according to a set minimum criteria that they must reach before furthering the application or alternatively they may have a more flexible process provided some of the key requirements of the role are evident. Below is a checklist of questions you can use to make the CV screening easier and more structured:

Previous employment

What is their previous work experience and is it relevant?

How long have they stayed in each position?

Have they given reasons for leaving their current and previous roles?

Have they worked for a variety of different employers or similar industries?

If you are recruiting for a more senior/ management position

What are their responsibilities?

Who do they report into?

Have they progressed through their career?

What successes have they achieved?

What size team are they managing?

Have they received any promotions?

Have they shown any evidence in relation to initiatives, lean processes or sales figures relevant to your vacancy?

Key skills and achievements

Do they have skills that would benefit the company and that are in keeping with the role?

Have they worked within your industry or competitor industries?

Can they add value to the business via their experience or strengths?

Qualifications and Education

Do they have the required qualifications/grades for the role? (make sure you ask to see proof of professional qualifications if they are a requirement of the role if you do decide to progress the candidate)

Are their grades acceptable?

Have they furthered their educational development?

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