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Unconscious bias – An internal perspective

 22nd May 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Unconscious bias is natural, it happens automatically and is unintended. It’s our brains making quick judgements on people and situations based on our own backgrounds, social experiences and identities. It… Read more »

Eliminating the age factor on your CV

For a while now, the likes of pictures and date of birth have become obsolete features of the modern CV, and mainly because of the increased regulation around active discrimination… Read more »

 12th May 2020      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

Full disclosure? What not to reveal when applying for a job

There’s a fine line between coming across as warm, friendly and funny and a bit too weird, wacky and off the wall. Whether you’re at home updating your CV or… Read more »

 5th May 2020      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

The impact of COVID-19 on employee emotional wellbeing

The words ‘emotion’ and ‘business’ are rarely used in the same sentence, but they should be, and whether we like it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic has put wellbeing and… Read more »

 28th April 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Stress-busting tips for home workers

April is Stress Awareness Month and during these unprecedented times, the advice offered could not come at a better time. Many of the nation’s employees now find themselves in the… Read more »

 2nd April 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Science fiction is becoming science fact

Science has never enjoyed the spotlight more than at the start of 2020, with the coronavirus – and the race for a vaccine – making front-page news with frightening frequency…. Read more »

 6th March 2020      Peter Knibbs

How to perfect your presentation skills

Whether you’re presenting as part of a job interview, need to get buy-in from the Board for an idea or trying to get funding through external investment or donations, how… Read more »

 9th April 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Revealed – Quality of life in Oxford according to region’s workers

A recent survey has revealed the best and the worst aspects of living and working in Oxfordshire. Conducted by Advanced Oxford – a business membership organisation striving for the long-term… Read more »

 31st March 2020      Laurence Doherty

The importance of offering apprenticeships in business

It is no surprise that businesses are paying attention to the benefits of hiring apprentices with televised campaigns and National Apprenticeship Week highlighting the benefits this type of talent brings… Read more »

 6th February 2020      Peter Knibbs

Under pressure NOT to feel under the weather

It’s that time of year again when employees are most likely to pull a fake ‘sickie’, but following ONS reports that show a decline in sick days over the past… Read more »

 3rd February 2020      Private: Bond Williams

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