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COVID-19 Vaccinations – 10 Key Issues for Employers

 2nd March 2021      Private: Bond Williams

Is the Coronavirus vaccination a cure that will solve many challenges faced by employers or does it just inject further issues for employers to deal with? To be vaccinated or… Read more »

What is Resilience and what should we as HR be looking at?

You may well have heard this term being used a lot in the past 12 months, along with other ‘COVID’ related words which I am sure will stick in our… Read more »

 23rd February 2021      Private: Bond Williams

Should I stay or should I go? A jobseekers dilemma

With the UK (and indeed, the world) being a little out of kilter right now, it’s easy to find yourself feeling uninspired and unmotivated by your current role. This may… Read more »

 16th February 2021      Claire Bond

Virtual Presenting

When was your first time? Perhaps it was a while ago now? Did you worry if you would be embarrassed? Or maybe you thought you wouldn’t do it right? When… Read more »

 9th February 2021      Private: Bond Williams

Driving diversity and inclusion in your talent acquisition process

For many businesses, inclusion and diversity is one of the leading issues on the agenda as we move into 2021. Although simply saying that you welcome, recognise and champion difference… Read more »

 8th January 2021      Private: Bond Williams

Employment Law Update

Paul Burton, Head of Employment Law at Frettens Solicitors provides us with an update on employment law and what has changed since April this year. To say a lot has… Read more »

 8th December 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Homeworking: The legalities and the practicalities

Chris Dobbs, specialist employment & HR solicitor at Frettens, has written several recent articles on home-working and the use of employee monitoring techniques. Here, he consolidates these articles and explores this… Read more »

 3rd November 2020      Private: Bond Williams

How you adapt to working from home will in many ways depend on your colour preferences

The Insights behavioural model – or ‘colour’ model, as it’s sometimes called – can be a great predictor of how well (or not!) we might handle sudden changes like having to work… Read more »

 15th December 2020      Private: Bond Williams

Reasons to temp

There are over 1.45 million people now working in temporary contracts (according to the Office for National Statistics Sept 2020). If you are considering temporary work (or even if you… Read more »

 1st December 2020      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

The M Word – Why Menopause Matters

I have thought long and hard about the ‘appropriateness’ of writing about what has, until very recently, been a taboo subject. However, when I read that the CIPD had produced… Read more »

 27th October 2020      Private: Bond Williams

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