The impact of new technology on the accounting world

23rd May 2019

Accounting is one of the world’s oldest professions. There’s evidence of the practice dating back to 3300BC. Luckily, we’ve moved on from the simplistic form of accounting that was used… Read more »

Have you got a culture club in your company?

The 21st May 2019 is World Day for Cultural Diversity and it brings in to focus how a rich tapestry of people can create inspiring, productive environments. The importance of… Read more »

21st May 2019

Do you need a cyber security expert?

Data is a valuable currency, whether it’s personal details, customer accounts or sensitive corporate information. It’s certainly not an area where businesses can afford to take risks, especially if a… Read more »

16th May 2019

Implement professional development and prosper

Finding and then retaining good employees is one of recruitment’s biggest challenges, especially as the ‘job for life’ work ethic has been overthrown by a more fluid career pattern. So… Read more »

13th May 2019

Telling the boss? It’s not a mental (health) idea

With one in four people in the UK experiencing mental health issues at some point, it comes as no surprise that Mental Health Awareness Week (13th to 19th May 2019)… Read more »

9th May 2019

Managing professional conflict

Conflict and disagreements are an inevitable part of working life, yet many people try to avoid it and ignore it rather than face it head on. The truth is, by… Read more »

7th May 2019

How to use humour effectively at work

With World Laughter Day apparently taking place on Sunday, there’s no better time than the present to consider how to use humour effectively at work. There are many advantages of… Read more »

1st May 2019

5 office stationery must-haves with a twist

The British are almost as obsessed with stationery as they are with home ownership! Even if it’s been years since you felt that ‘back to school’ buzz when the time… Read more »

29th April 2019

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Charlotte Harris, Senior Resource Co-ordinator

Otherwise known as Charlie, we find out more about our brilliant Senior Resource Co-ordinator, Charlotte. Give a potted history of your career to date. I started my career working for… Read more »

25th April 2019

How to recognise burnout and manage stress

As Stress Awareness Month continues, most of us are acutely familiar with the statistic that almost half of the UK population experience the pain of stress-related mental health concerns in… Read more »

23rd April 2019

Employer survey reveals most popular approach to recruitment

Dorset and Hampshire businesses have shared their preferred recruitment approaches in a recent survey carried out by Bond Williams Professional Recruitment, head quartered in Bournemouth. Over 200 local employers were… Read more »

17th April 2019

Ghosting in recruitment? It may come back to haunt you

Ghosting – a term commonly used to describe the unexplained end of a romantic relationship, is now also happening in the recruitment industry. Although people have been splitting up since… Read more »

15th April 2019

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