2 become 1: how to choose between two compelling candidates

18th September 2019

You’ve penned a persuasive job advert, sifted through the CVs and had the fortune of interviewing some amazing candidates but what happens when two people stand out from the crowd… Read more »

Dump the slump this afternoon

That time of the day has arrived. Your eyes feel like lead as you struggle to keep them open. Your whole body feels weighted, but your computer screen continues to… Read more »

16th September 2019

Workplace pensions: progress & prospects

Many of us glaze over at the mere mention of pensions but failing to save for the future is a fact one organisation is hoping to address. Pension Geeks is… Read more »

11th September 2019

6 speech habits to eliminate at work

Developing quality relationships with your coworkers and boss takes effort. One of the things you need to watch in order to protect these relationships is your words and speech patterns…. Read more »

9th September 2019

7 ways to shift back into work mode after summer

Whether you’ve enjoyed sun, sand and sangria on a family holiday, spent a week at home being lazy or bolted a couple of days on to a Bank Holiday to… Read more »

6th September 2019

Spotlight on payroll: more than making sure you get paid

They’re often the unsung heroes of a company but payroll would quickly step into the spotlight should wages not magically appear in employees’ bank accounts every month. Determined to raise… Read more »

4th September 2019

Let your staff fly this air festival

The Bournemouth Air Festival returns to the south coast once again this summer, filling the skies with amazing sights and sounds between 29th August and 1st September 2019. While the… Read more »

27th August 2019

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Michelle Brennan

Want to know a little bit more about the newest addition to our HR Recruitment team? We spent five minutes chatting to Senior Recruitment Consultant, Michelle, who joined us in… Read more »

25th August 2019

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Rob Bond, Director

In our staff spotlight series, we ask our team members a number of questions about their career and personal interests so you can get to know them a little better…. Read more »

23rd August 2019

Take stock of your corporate photography

The old adage of ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ has never been truer in the digital age. Log on to any website, read a blog or open almost any… Read more »

19th August 2019

How to be a better listener

The workplace environment gathers together people from all walks of life and sees them sit in close proximity for around eight hours a day. It’s only natural for friendships to… Read more »

14th August 2019

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Michelle Turner, Recruitment Consultant

We spent five minutes with our IT recruitment specialist, Michelle Turner, to get to know her a little better. Give a potted history of your career to date. In 2004,… Read more »

12th August 2019

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