Ethical Veganism: A protected belief

Ethical veganism: A protected belief

Ethical Veganism: A protected belief

Ethical Veganism: A protected belief

30th January 2020Laura Webb

As we come to the end of Veganuary, the newest member of Frettens’ specialist employment team, Chris Dobbs, looks at the recent ruling, in which the Norwich tribunal has decided… Read more »

Bond Williams Staff spotlight – Suzanne Sherriff

Give a potted history of your career to date. I worked initially as a business travel consultant for 5 years travelling around the UK and Scotland providing support to a… Read more »

21st January 2020Laura Webb

The 6 Cs of impactful conversation

More than 30 HR professionals from across Dorset and Hampshire joined us yesterday at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth to hear how they can develop a more focused, calm and… Read more »

15th January 2020Laura Webb

How to create an eco office

If you want to be more eco conscious in 2020, Big Energy Saving Week is designed to keep you focused. Although the event, which started on Monday and runs until… Read more »

23rd January 2020Laura Webb

Curb weight gain at work

January is typically the time of year when, full of guilt and mince pies from overindulging during the festive period, a lot of us decide to diet. Research last year… Read more »

13th January 2020Laura Webb

Time for a digital detox?

What did you do over the festive break? Did you take long walks in the fresh air to work off those extra calories? Were you huddled around board games together,… Read more »

21st January 2020Laura Webb

9 New Year resolutions for office workers

As the clocks chimed midnight and you linked arms to sing Auld Langs Syne, many of you would have made some New Year’s resolutions – pledges to do more exercise,… Read more »

6th January 2020Laura Webb

Employment Tribunal Claims – settle or fight?

How many calls and texts have you had about a potential claim for PPI or an ‘accident’ you have had in the last three years? We all know that we… Read more »

16th January 2020Laura Webb

Combining corporate finance skills with entrepreneurial spirit

A growing number of people are moving away from wanting careers in organisations and towards a more flexible and entrepreneurial alternative. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is starting a limited… Read more »

9th January 2020Laura Webb

Making the leap from teammate to manager

Making the transition from teammate to manager can be fraught with pitfalls, but not if you go in with your eyes open. There is a wealth of information and advice… Read more »

28th January 2020Laura Webb

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