Cost-cutting slows and redundancy payments at lowest point since recession


Cost-cutting slows and redundancy payments at lowest point since recession

Cost-cutting slows and redundancy payments at lowest point since recession

3rd August 2015Bond Williams

The amount that businesses have paid out in redundancy payments has fallen to the lowest level since the recession. This represents a 10% drop to £3.5bn last year and a… Read more »

UK remote workers lose two days a year to distractions

Employees who work from home are losing an average of two days a year, according to a new report. A study of 2,000 office workers looking into the supposed benefits… Read more »

5th August 2015Bond Williams

Top Summer tips for employers!

Fleeting as it may be, we all love it when the sun comes out! It changes our mood, which also applies to employees! So, as an employer, how can you… Read more »

7th August 2015Bond Williams

Zero Hour Contracts: An exclusivity clause is no longer enforceable

We are delighted to share this article from Following the Government’s consultation and much media attention of zero hour contracts, as of 26 May 2015 exclusivity clauses within zero… Read more »

12th August 2015Bond Williams

Academic Qualifications a Good Indicator of a Good Accounts Employee?

Ernst & Young (known as EY) has announced plans to remove academic qualifications from its application process for the 2016 programmes. Accountancy firm EY is one of the most globally… Read more »

17th August 2015Bond Williams

CEO’s Recruiting Secrets of Success

A group of CEO’s have revealed their top secrets for success. BBC News asked the Chief Execs about the advice they wish they’d received when starting out. Three core pieces… Read more »

19th August 2015Bond Williams

One-in-five women believe women can’t reach senior management

Almost one-in-five women (17%) believe it is impossible for a woman to reach senior management roles, according to a poll conducted by telecommunications firm O2. The survey was part of… Read more »

20th August 2015Bond Williams

Reminder: National minimum wage rises in October

Just a reminder so that you can start making arrangements: George Osborne announced the introduction of the National Living Wage for the over 25s, starting at £7.20 next year and… Read more »

25th August 2015Bond Williams

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