European women work 59 days for free


European women work 59 days for free

European women work 59 days for free

1st March 2013Bond Williams

According to new statistics and research, Women in Europe work up to 59 days for free per year as a direct result of the gender pay gap. This news comes… Read more »

The UK jobs market continues to go from strength to strength

The Uk jobs market continues to mystify the economy as it continues to go from strength to strength. This February vacancies rose throughout the country at an estimated average of… Read more »

4th March 2013Bond Williams

Apprenticeships remain poor relation to university education, say working parents

CIPD calls for improved careers guidance to challenge perception that apprenticeships are mostly relevant to blue collar careers Almost half of working parents believe that apprenticeships are more appropriate for… Read more »

11th March 2013Bond Williams

CIPD report suggests rise in share of low-skilled migrant labour from EU is not simply due to ‘work ethic’ or ‘skills’

Warning that unintentional recruitment factors may be crowding out younger workers, with long-term implications for employers A complex mix of largely unintentional factors means that some employers offering low-skilled work… Read more »

14th March 2013Bond Williams

Employment law update

Employment law is under scrutiny again this week whereby the tribunals system looks to be streamlined and easy to understand. The main reasons behind the forthcoming changes are aimed at… Read more »

18th March 2013Bond Williams

Cultures of openness and collaboration require new approach to employee relations

A resistance to change and a lack of social media savvy amongst senior leaders is holding organisations back from rebuilding trust and fostering cultures of openness, collaboration and innovation in… Read more »

27th March 2013Bond Williams

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