Why is the Labour Market defying gravity?


Why is the Labour Market defying gravity?

Why is the Labour Market defying gravity?

16th August 2012Bond Williams

There have been numerous reports over the past week about falling unemployment, and the reasons behind it. CIPD research reveals that 1 in 3 firms are maintaining staff levels higher… Read more »

CIPD Update: Continued growth in employment masks some fault lines

In response to the latest ONS labour market statistics released today, Gerwyn Davies, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)’s Labour Market Adviser, comments: “In a continuation of recent… Read more »

21st August 2012Bond Williams

Government looks to Germany for job creation schemes

Analysing the competition and how they are striving is what the British Government ministers are hoping to discover in a bid to find suitable employment changes that could be implemented… Read more »

22nd August 2012Bond Williams

Fewer job opportunities for graduates?

.. According to new research released by the Hay Group, a global management consultancy company, graduates believe they have fewer job opportunities than five years ago, despite most companies continuing… Read more »

31st August 2012Bond Williams

CIPD Update: More than half of employees face financial struggles and three quarters report lack of advice in the workplace

CIPD launches new guidance to help employers improve financial awareness and help prevent their workforces from being pre-occupied with financial worries Three quarters (73%) of employees report that their organisation… Read more »

8th August 2012Bond Williams

Female directors’ help firms perform better

Facebook announced their new female board member at the end of last year. Research carried out by The Credit Suisse Research Institute, over the last six years, has found that… Read more »

2nd August 2012Bond Williams

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