Frettens Update:Prepare your business for the Bribery Act


Frettens Update:Prepare your business for the Bribery Act

Frettens Update:Prepare your business for the Bribery Act

6th July 2011Bond Williams

The Bribery Act (2010) which was delayed from being put into force last year is now in effect, from the beginning of this month. It is important that businesses are… Read more »

Dramatic rise in age discrimination claims

The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) is concerned over a dramatic increase in the number of age discrimination claims, warning that the figure is likely to continue rising. The figures… Read more »

8th July 2011Bond Williams

CIPD launch new work experience guide

According to a recent CIPD Press release the two main areas to encourage youth employment are to improve work experience for youngsters & to increase the amount of work placements… Read more »

12th July 2011Bond Williams

CIPD: “It’s clear that the underlying jobs situation is deteriorating”

Not long after reports showing optimistic employment figures, a renewed labour market downturn is signalled by a decrease in vacancies, a rise in redundancies and a rise in people claiming… Read more »

15th July 2011Bond Williams

CIPD revises economic & employment forecast

The CIPD’s revision of the economic & employment forecast, demonstrates that recovery is weaker than anticipated, but the ongoing pay squeeze is reducing the impact on unemployment. Forecasts for the… Read more »

19th July 2011Bond Williams

It's growth, but not how we'd like it

Growth’ Desperately Poor: Government should reset fiscal policy ‘sat nav’ before it’s too late, says CIPD Dr John Philpott, Chief Economic Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development… Read more »

26th July 2011Bond Williams

Job satisfaction rates lower than pay and benefits

A recent CIPD survey shows that employees rate pay and benefits higher than job satisfaction, as an effect of the rise in living costs. The number one reason for those… Read more »

29th July 2011Bond Williams

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