Average take-home pay now lower than 2004!


Average take-home pay now lower than 2004!

Average take-home pay now lower than 2004!

28th January 2011Bond Williams


Extension on paternity leave

Currently new fathers are only entitled to two weeks off work for paternity leave however deputy head Prime Minister Nick Clegg, is encouraging a change to get men more actively… Read more »

31st January 2011Bond Williams

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) launch new Employers’ Charter

On January 27th 2011 the CIPD welcomed the launch of the Employers’ Charter aiming to expose some of the unproven claims within employment law.  The CIPD are also backing further… Read more »

28th January 2011Bond Williams

Government & Jobcentre Plus unite to improve youth employability

Today, the Government unveiled plans to improve work experience opportunities for 18-21 yr olds.  Those in the 16-24 age bracket have been hardest hit by the recent rise in unemployment… Read more »

25th January 2011Bond Williams

Is financial recruitment set for an increase?

There have been mixed reviews of financial recruitment trends for 2011. Will recruitment levels increase; will there be a cut on head counts; or will there just be a freeze… Read more »

20th January 2011Bond Williams

Interview with Bond Williams Senior Recruitment Consultant, Louise Woodward

This month we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to one of Bond Williams Senior Recruiters, Louise Woodward. Louise joined the team in September 2009 as a… Read more »

4th January 2011Bond Williams

Will the forecast of job cuts in the IT sector last long?

In the last quarter of 2010 the demand for recruitment of IT professionals had risen by 46%, according to Rethink Recruitment.  However, in 2011 nearly 8 in 10 IT managers… Read more »

Bond Williams

Mixed outlook for HR job seekers

A recent poll conducted by People Management Jobs has revealed that a number of HR Professionals who are currently looking for employment are open to lower pay if it enables… Read more »

10th January 2011Bond Williams

Best practices to adopt in the office for 2011

Competition is always tough between individuals in the work place, but even more so when budgets are tight and employers are forced to make cuts through redundancies. This has led… Read more »

Bond Williams

Mediation versus tribunal


15th January 2011Bond Williams

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