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Every quarter, we bring you industry news, insights and advice from both our in-house team as well as HR professionals and subject matter experts from across Dorset and Hampshire.

In the second issue of the year, we are thrilled to bring you our first Group HR Director interview with Paula Jordan of McCarthy & Stone. We’re also delighted to welcome some new guest contributors who are sharing their expertise and advice on a range of topics from employee engagement and tax consequences of benefits to managing stress, Mental Health First Aid and the menopause. We also conducted another employer survey, and share those results too!

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We had previously had very poor experiences with recruitment agencies and were reluctant to employ another. Having now dealt with Bond Williams, we will continue to recruit through them in the future. The CV’s all had the required skills and experience and also matched the business requirements. The fee they charged was low compared to the time we had previously wasted recruiting for this position.

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