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XpertHR: Many employers unprepared to report gender pay gap report reveals



XpertHR: Many employers unprepared to report gender pay gap report reveals

30th January 2017Louise Woodward MCIPDAccounting & Finance, CIPD, Company News, Employment, Executive Search, Human Resources, Office & Commercial, Recruitment


As the deadline date approaches for regulations to monitor the gender pay gap, the majority of employers admit that they do not know how or when they will publish their results, according to XpertHR. Employers must publish their first gender pay gap report by April 2018 at the latest but 23.9% intend to delay this as long as possible, publishing as near to the deadline as possible leaving them no time to assess their position and draw up plans before having to take the figures to the board.

Despite new regulations that will affect all employers with 250 or more employees coming into effect in April 2017, only 6.2% of employers had made formal plans to assess their gender pay gap before the legislation was announced and according to the survey, 53.5% of organisations had no monitoring in place prior to the announcement.

The regulations state that it must appear on a public website and remain there for three years. A small numbers of employers plan to publish their figures as soon as possible after April 2017 (11.6%) or to coincide with their annual report (7.2%), more than half (52.9%) say they do not know when they will publish their figures.

Although the report does suggest that in terms of acting upon the data, employers want to be seen to the right thing; XpertHR found that two-thirds of respondents expect to commit to a plan to close any pay gap that is identified, while 27.5% said they were uncertain what would happen from there.



Louise Woodward MCIPD

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