Will the forecast of job cuts in the IT sector last long?

  4th January 2011      
 Company News, IT & Software Solutions, Recruitment

In the last quarter of 2010 the demand for recruitment of IT professionals had risen by 46%, according to Rethink Recruitment.  However, in 2011 nearly 8 in 10 IT managers plan to cut or maintain headcount, according to research from the IT job board.

The most important career-related issue facing IT executives today is will there be an ‘unemployment recovery’ for IT in 2011? The research conducted by the IT Job Board shows that 78% of IT managers will either decrease headcount or keep it at the same level in 2011, while 44% believe that budgets will decrease next year.

Within an organisation the trend is to outsource IT infrastructure and support jobs, thus making it harder than ever to find full-time employment with graduates finding it an even greater challenge. However, recruitment and placement firms disagree; reporting a rise in corporate IT shops looking to hire application developers, project managers and mobile device experts. These are not necessarily on a full-time basis but at minimum, short-term projects.

The forecasted employment cuts within the IT sector will not be permanent; the vast and rapid development in IT services such as Cloud Computing and virtualisation will, with no doubt, increase the demand for IT professionals as businesses begin to adapt to these new ground breaking technological innovations.  Whether these jobs will remain within an organisation or be outsourced for integration, installation and maintenance is dependent upon the availability of trained staff, the size of an organisation and whether it is necessary or within the budget to employ a permanent professional.

Despite the plans for IT managers to cut jobs and at the most maintain the current level of employees, the distant future looks bright for high-calibre IT professionals as the country cannot progress or be sustainable without the help and development of IT.

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