Why experience and specialist knowledge counts in recruitment

  24th June 2019       Private: Bond Williams
 Accounting & Finance, Client, Engineering, Science & Space, Executive Search, Human Resources, IT & Software Solutions, Office & Commercial

When you’re looking to fill a job vacancy or expand your team using the expertise of a recruitment agency, it’s important you take time to find a reputable provider.

While the industry you operate in may not seem particularly out of the ordinary to you, many generalist recruitment agencies could struggle to match the ideal candidate to a role, especially in niche sectors.

That’s why our recruitment consultants at Bond Williams are specialists in specific industries.

Accounting & Finance

Our Accounting & Finance team know their Management Accountants from their Financial Accountants and the stark difference in the skills, experience and qualifications required of an Assistant Accountant compared to an Accounts Assistant.

Engineering, Science and Space

The specialist Engineering, Science and Space team understand that electrical engineering is not the same as electronic engineering and that there are over 50 different kinds of scientists.

Human Resources

Our HR consultants know that HR executives are usually more senior to HR managers and also make it their business to keep up to date with employment law and understand current and topical challenges for HR professionals.

IT & Software Solutions

The IT & Software Solutions team can definitely speak your code too. They know your Android (Java) from your iOS (Objective-C / Swift) App Developer; the difference between MCSA and CCNA qualifications; and why a Project Manager can’t do the same as a Scrum Master.

Office & Commercial

And although you might wonder what is difficult about filling sales, marketing, customer service and administration roles for example, our Office & Commercial team have a knack for sourcing candidates with both the skills and right personality for a range of businesses and industries.

Across all of our specialist divisions, our recruitment consultants not only have a deep understanding of the practical skills, experience and software or hardware knowledge needed to fulfil your role requirements, but also a detailed insight into the pool of candidates available and their expectations.

Rather than simply carry out keyword match searches to find prospective candidates, our specialist recruitment consultants will unpick your job specifications, any technical jargon and qualifications to carry out a targeted marketing and shortlisting approach.

This may include altering the job title to attract the right talent and advertising on niche platforms. From their experience dealing with hundreds of candidates, they will also be able to advise which candidates have easily transferable skills in instances where there isn’t specific industry background.

By partnering with a specialist recruitment agency for your industry or sector, you can speed up the entire recruitment process and avoid being recommended unsuitable candidates.


Private: Bond Williams


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