What are the top 25 jobs in the UK?

  24th March 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources

If you work in marketing, sales, finance, even HR, you are in one of the 25 best jobs in the UK according to a new survey from Glassdoor.

We specialise in HR, accounting, office and IT positions and you will be pleased to hear there are plenty of quality vacancies in Dorset and Hampshire, with excellent salaries and benefits.

Across the UK, the poll found that Marketing Manager was the top job with an average base salary of £46,561, a career opportunities rating of 3.6* and 2,965 job opportunities. This varied role, which can involve press and PR as well as digital marketing, is something you will find at most, if not all, of the biggest firms in our area. “While Marketing Managers don’t earn the highest salaries of jobs in our list, they have the second highest career opportunities rating. Marketing Manager is also a role that can work in almost any industry sector, from financial services and consumer goods, to motor and technology,” said Glassdoor.

Those top 25 jobs are…

1. Marketing Manager 2. Finance Manager 3. Mechanical Engineer 4. Sales Manager 5. Business Analyst 6. IT Manager 7. Civil Engineer 8. Product Manager 9. Lawyer 10. Software Engineer 11. Human Resources Manager 12. Business Development Manager 13. Internal Audit Manager 14. Solutions Architect 15. Network Engineer 16. Investment Analyst 17. Operations Manager 18. Recruiter 19. Brand Manager 20. Office Manager 21. Executive Assistant 22. Accountant 23. Sales Engineer 24. UX Designer 25. Trader

* The Glassdoor Job Score is determined using three factors — earning potential based on average annual base salary, career opportunities rating and number of job openings. The jobs that made this list stand out across all three categories.

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