Ensure employees feel that their work is more than just a job – How to boost employee morale

  22nd May 2018       Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)
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In an increasingly competitive & ever changing business environment, significant importance has been placed upon employee morale; after all low levels of employee morale can have a detrimental effect on productivity & turnover. Pro active leaders however have enlisted some simple & creative approaches to combat low levels of morale.

Ensure employees feel that their work is more than just a job; Most employees’ want to feel that their work has some real purpose. An online job search company based in Virginia inspires its employees by circulating stories via email of grateful job seekers who landed ‘the job’ through the company’s website.

Grant time off to employees to pursue projects they are passionate about; Personal projects can provide an important rest bite from the regular responsibilities of work. Hence Atlassian, a developer of collaboration software in Sydney encourages creativity during its FedEx Day.  Employees can work on anything that appeals to them, so long as it is related to Atlassian products. When these projects have been completed, employees present them & as a result the company has adopted over a dozen projects, ranging from product upgrades.

Mix up the company’s usual way of doing things; The accounting firm Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman, based in Denver, uses the concept of neighbourhoods to shake things up. All 387 employees are organized into neighbourhoods, based on the floors or sections of floors in each office. These groups have regular get-togethers and shape the contours of meetings. For example, during an all-employee meeting day, as the firm staged a neighbourhood basketball tournament, each group came up with team names, homemade jerseys, mascots, and cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to have fun; Some companies regularly hold in house competitions, ranging from Trivial Pursuit to Wii bowling matches etc This is typical of the online discounter Fat Wallet, where they also reward employees for meeting their goals, by offering casino nights, days out at amusement parks etc.

Train employees to develop positive attitudes; 4Imprint, a maker of promotional products set up classes for their 419 employees to watch & discuss inspirational videos, such as Lance Armstrong’s comeback from cancer in order to boost employee morale, due to the recession of 2009.

Offer time away from the office to do some good; Studer Group, a Gulf Breeze, Fla-based management consulting firm, gives its 114 employees four paid hours a month to volunteer for a charitable initiative or organization of their choice. Departments also take on volunteer projects as a group. This helps boost employee morale & camaraderie through its community service.

It is important for companies to creatively celebrate their staffs accomplishments, not only does this give employees some kind of perspective & appreciation as to how far they have come, but it also allows companies to demonstrate how they value their most important asset.

Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

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