Unsuccessful job applicants can negatively affect employers

  15th June 2010      
 Company News, Recruitment

Research conducted by talent assessment solutions provider, SHL has recently revealed that nearly half (49%) of UK candidates have poor views of a company after an unsuccessful job application with them. 

The study involved questioning 1,600 adults in the UK and reported 24% of respondents having between 2 and 3 bad experiences and 6% with as many as four or five. The results also reported 18% of respondents had stopped working with a company as a result of a bad recruitment experience.

Another study involving 500 recruitment professionals in the UK was conducted by SHL. The results showed that 25% of recruiters are stretched too thin as a consequence of additional job applications, with 19% of the same respondents stating that they can no longer notify candidates when they have received their applications.

The research also states that 17% of respondents do not give candidates detailed feedback after their interview, with 15% of respondents unable to notify candidates who have been unsuccessful, following their initial application.

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