UK remote workers lose two days a year to distractions

  5th August 2015       Charmaine Padfield
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Employees who work from home are losing an average of two days a year, according to a new report.

A study of 2,000 office workers looking into the supposed benefits of remote working, specifically working from the comfort of your own home, has found that people are too easily distracted. One in four participants confessed that they never quite manage to get into “work mode”, losing track of the task at hand up to four times a day.

The research was conducted by Furniture At Work who concluded that the option to work from home is increasingly popular and can be seen as a novelty, but it can have a negative effect on productivity.
Furniture At Work compiled a list of the top 20 distractions when working from home which include spilling food and drink, TV, pets, chatting online and unexpected guests or calls. The top distraction was household chores.

The study found that the average UK employee spends five days a month working from home, spending 30 minutes of that day being distracted, in addition to regular breaks.

25% of people admitted that they don’t bother getting dressed, with a shocking 16% claiming they don’t even shower! One in ten workers said that they find their home-work set up too relaxed, often involving a make shift desk made of out sofa cushions.

Charmaine Padfield is a Recruitment Consultant in our IT Division with vast recruitment experience. She cautions employers to be aware of this and bear in mind with regular requests for working from home.

She says “For some staff it may provide valued and necessary flexibility and therefore represent a good option but for others it may need to be monitored and evaluated as to it’s success in terms of productivity. Skype meetings and phone calls from time to time would focus the employee’s mind and encourage better work set up.”

Charmaine Padfield

Managing Consultant

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