UK on job market upward trend

  4th June 2013      
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Better the devil you know is the buzzwords for UK job candidates as global employment growth centres hugely on our shores as the number one market.
Between April and May there was an 8% increase on job opportunities and that is the healthiest upward trend seen since the recession hit in 2008. All sectors are said to have benefited with the most notable growth in education and health and medicine professions, both experiencing annual increases of around 60%.

As with previous statistics, although growth remains high, salaries are still stagnating but proving a vast improvement on other countries which are seeing a decline in job opportunities. The UK showed 50% of employers hiring at managerial and professional level and 53% of businesses planning on recruiting for senior roles in the next three months.

“With the global economy showing sporadic signs of improvement, it’s encouraging that levels of managerial and professional recruitment have begun to creep up on those registered in the last editions of the Snapshot,” says Antal’s CEO, Tony Goodwin.

The only areas not performing so brightly are accountancy, financial services and purchasing being less healthy than they were a year ago although the financial crisis is possibly the reason for this negative effect.

James Reed, chairman of, said “We believe that a jobs-led recovery is the way forward for the UK economy and, with the latest service sector and house price data starting to indicate the wider health of the economy picking up of late, we are starting to see the tentative recovery very much being led by the buoyant jobs market.

In other countries manufacturing has been the beckon of good hope for job opportunities but doesn’t seem to ring true for the UK, Lee Narraway, from Antal Warrington  said “Manufacturing in the UK has been severely affected by the uncertainty around the economy and rather than take risks the sector has played extra safe, this has resulted in head count reduction and cost saving rather than going for increased sales and capacity demand. The longer term effects will be increased candidate driven vacancies as the candidates move into other sectors more willing to invest and push for revenue.”

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