How to turn your temporary job into a full time career

  27th September 2016      
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Perhaps one of the most attractive things about temporary employment is the existence of ‘temp to perm’ roles. Temp to perm roles work out well for both employees and employers, providing both with the option to ‘try before you buy’. Moreover, occasionally roles that start out temporary can turn into permanent roles, giving the temporary worker who is currently performing that role a good chance of gaining permanent employment.

With all of these benefits and more, temporary employment is definitely something that you should consider. However, if you’re enjoying the work and fit in well with the team it can be a shame to have to start from scratch with a completely different role. Here are some pointers to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Show an interest

One of the biggest aspects of fitting in with a team is to show an interest in who you are working with and the company itself. Get in early to talk to colleagues, use your lunchbreak to network with other teams and immerse yourself fully within the company culture including making an appearance at after work drinks or socials.  This will give you the opportunity to meet people and make great contacts.

Make a good first impression

Remember your image is your personal brand so although you are dressing well and smart doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touches, a little bit of your own personality (within reason) can spark some interesting, light-hearted conversations and allow new work friendships to arise.

Whatever happens, wear a smile, you might be nervous or apprehensive but disguising it with a smile works a treat every time, there is nothing like a happy face for receiving a welcoming reception to make you feel at ease.

Show a positive attitude

A great employee helps make work fun and easy-going for everyone else by exuding the right attitude and maintaining a happy spirit in the workplace. Bad moods and attitude brings everyone in the workplace down and is not good for the office environment, morale, business productivity or colleague wellbeing. Remaining upbeat even when tasks are frustrating, difficult or laborious, gives strength to others around you and in turn labels you with the all-important ‘can-do’ attitude that will get you far in any career. If you show all the qualities of a good employee, it will be easier for your boss to picture you in a permanent role.

Be punctual

Good time keeping never goes out of fashion. Arriving at work on time, returning from breaks and lunch promptly will always be respected. When working hours are abandoned it is not only being rude to your employer but also to your colleagues who do abide by the rules and have to pick up on your slackness. Of course sometimes being late is inevitable; however a quick call to offer an explanation and apology is all that is required to avoid conflict. By sticking to agreed timescales, you are much more likely to be given time flexibility when you need it.

Show adaptability

A willingness to stretch your knowledge, learn new techniques and skills and seek new opportunities within your current job will lead to you receiving more interesting work and gaining recognition within the workplace.  Adaptability or creative thinking when a task is difficult or unpopular will help to achieve it in a much more manageable way and display to those all around you that you have what it takes to progress.

While a permanent position might not always be on the cards, making the best impression possible will always be in your best interest. A glowing reference, and a positive lasting image of you will help you in your future job searches, weather temporary or permanent.



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