Top Summer tips for employers!

  7th August 2015       Private: Bond Williams
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Fleeting as it may be, we all love it when the sun comes out! It changes our mood, which also applies to employees! So, as an employer, how can you make summer work for you?

Here are some simple suggestions to boost morale and keep your team happy this summer!

1. Encourage your team to lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine — their afternoon will be more productive and there will be social benefits too in the long term.

2. “It’s too hot in this office”… Bite the bullet and buy some fans. It’s a relatively small investment and employees will be grateful – and the last thing you want to deal with is heat stroke, fainting and complaining.

3. Do the rounds with ice-lollies – Your popularity as a manager will sky rocket and next time you ask them to do some something, they’ll be more willing!

4. “Can I wear my bikini top to work?!” No, it’s still work — lack of concentration, gossip and a bad impression to clients are all at risk here. A timely reminder of the dress code might be helpful, especially if there are suitable ways in which you can relax things — perhaps ties only need to be worn during meetings for example.

5. Utilise the good mood — it’s a great time to hold 1-2-1’s and team meetings, especially if you can take a few chairs and a table outside to hold the meetings in the great outdoors.

6. Short notice holiday requests — you may have a sudden influx of holiday requests when the weather forecaster announces a heat wave — consider letting several employees take a day off each rather than letting the first few to ask have a whole week. Obviously, you will check that there are still enough people to do the work!

7. Increased sickies? There’s always 1 (maybe 2!) – If you find that some employees have a habit of calling in sick on the hottest day of the year, keep track, have return to work interviews so they know you are on top of it and deal with anyone that needs dealing with — if you do nothing, I will irritate those loyal employees turning up to work!

8. Enjoy the summer and get to know your colleagues! We Brits love talking about the weather; after all we spend enough time moaning about the rain!

Private: Bond Williams


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