Too clever for an Apprenticeship?

  9th July 2015       Private: Bond Williams
 Company News, Human Resources

11% of parents think their children are “too clever” for apprenticeships and school leaver programmes, claims the AllAboutSchoolLeavers study. Does this mean that young people risk missing out on great apprenticeships and employment opportunities due to their parents’ attitude?

This survey was based on the responses of over 10,000 school and college students, 1,000 parents, 500 teachers, 280 careers advisors and 27 employers offering apprenticeships across the UK.

It indicated that 80% of students go to their parents for career advice, but that 11% of parents think that alternatives to university are inferior. This is not necessarily the fault of parents, but their lack of awareness may mean that children are pushed towards university without understanding what the other options mean and offer. Typically, those parents that want to find out more go online first to find more information, then ask their children’s teachers — nearly 82% of teachers wish they knew more about non-university options — all teachers went to university so they have a better understanding of that route.

This shows that employers would be well advised to utilise their websites to elaborate on apprenticeships and training that they offer. 55% of students said that they only considered university routes, so employers may lose out on good apprentices if they do not engage and provide detailed information on jobs which offer entry from non-university routes.

Private: Bond Williams


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