The UK jobs market continues to go from strength to strength

  4th March 2013      
 Company News

The Uk jobs market continues to mystify the economy as it continues to go from strength to strength. This February vacancies rose throughout the country at an estimated average of 12%.

The strongest growth was reported to be in the West Midlands, followed by North East England and the East Midlands. This is optimistic news as the North has faired quite badly throughout the recession with the Government offering extended business benefits to these areas.
London continued to hold its own with the number of new job opportunities which again shown an upward trend, this showing growth by 10% year on year.
There are 10 main sectors that job market researchers look at and the results saw that six out of ten of these sectors provide an impressive 10% month on month rise.

Encouragingly the Charity and Voluntary sector showed the highest peak at 66%, with   social care at 45% followed by the education sectors at a notable 41%.
On the back of this, the only disappointing news is the average salary is showing a steady decline, currently at 2.5% on last year as it competes with tough job conditions, an employers market and the world job market as a whole.

Martin Warnes, managing director of Reed, said: “Notably, though salaries grew slightly over the past month, our latest figures confirm remuneration is falling in real terms, as recent Office for National Statistics figures have confirmed. So, while the recovery in the jobs market continues to give solid grounds for optimism, the situation for many families across the UK remains challenging.”

He added: “There will be setbacks on the road to recovery and economic growth is proving to be slow. However, the growth in the jobs market has been a shining light over the last year and we continue to call on policy makers to help practically energise a true jobs led recovery for the UK.”

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