The Importance of Leadership & Development

  28th September 2013      
 Human Resources, Recruitment

Good leadership and development are vital, in ensuring the success of a business. In light, of the important contribution made by small and medium enterprises to the on-going economic recovery, it is clear that innovative and good quality leadership has never been more valuable.

What does this mean to be a successful leader? Whether a leader of a business team, a sports team or a family, it is essential to have an attitude of believing the best in others. A good leader will take the initiative, developing others, inspiring and motivating, and pursuing their own development along the way.

When working with people, this is a critical concept to embrace. When you express a lack of confidence in someone, it is returned with mediocrity. However, if you demonstrate your belief in them and expect them to do well, research has shown that they will live up to that expectation.

Believing the best in people is key to building successful and viable relationships. Bringing out the best in your team and ensuring you provide ample positive comments, experiences and expressions will make them feel that they can build on your belief hence allowing them the freedom to go beyond expectation in some cases.

With this belief in mind, we also need to reach out to employees early or mid-career to learn more about potential inhibitors and career development needs and desires so to set them straight from the off. This is how we ensure we build a diverse leadership pipeline for the future and ever evolve and develop as we forge ahead.

As leaders in organisations look hard to find the talent, businesses need to achieve exceptional results, showing the way and using quality talented skills shows impressive leadership ability that others can feed off. Leadership skills are strongly correlated to organisational success factors such as retaining talent, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and profitability so making leadership paramount to business and employment achievement.

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