The importance of being supplemented

  3rd June 2011      
 Company News, Employment, Human Resources


Our recent seminar asked us to look at all the little extras that employers give to their employees and how those employees measured the importance of such supplements.

Firstly we had to actually constitute the sorts of additions that are not written in most employment contracts like salary, payroll, medical cover etc but those that generally go without saying. Those explored were things like time off for appointments, bonus structures, early finishes, extra public holiday’s e.g recent Royal Wedding and upcoming Queens Jubilee, training course and seminar attendance, bonding days out, parties, flexible working conditions, ability to work at home now and then, general incentives, etc

These trimmings were then examined to prioritise which benefits were deemed the most important and those that weren’t so.

Surprisingly the value and benefit seemed to be in those that held a cash price tag to them. Less important were extra days off and early finishes which do hold a secondary cost but nothing compared to the ability to be rewarded for hard work in the form of a little extra in the pay packet by means of bonus schemes and cash incentives. 

What is probably more interesting is that additional benefits have been developed in more affluent times and now that wallets are more cash strapped, there is no substitute for hard cash and the ability to earn more of it.

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