The benefits of using temporary staff

  31st July 2018       Suzanne Sherriff MIRP
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Whilst hiring temporary staff isn’t always an option for all businesses, it can be a fantastic way to boost productivity and manage heavy workloads or seasonal projects more efficiently. Here, we look at the five main ways in which you and your business could benefit from hiring a temp.

Workload, large projects and tight deadlines can rise and fall throughout the year and sometimes you may find things can get extremely busy with no warning. There is no right or wrong way to manage this and even some of the most successful businesses struggle to get the balance right. When you’re unsure of exactly what the future will hold and how to allocate resources effectively, temporary staff can give you some flexibility and if you have a sudden fluctuation or a busy period, with temporary staff, it really is a win-win situation!

Saving costs
There will be noticeable reduced costs as a result of hiring temporary staff. These may include saved costs on benefits and training which your company only make available to permanent staff; reduced time in sourcing, recruiting and onboarding new staff; and of course, the added bonus of only paying for an employee when you actually need them.

Working with a recruitment agency when employing temporary staff can work out better value for you overall as it means you have access to their pool of temporary staff, recruitment expertise and interviewing knowledge. This can reduce the time needed by internal hiring managers and if you work exclusively with a recruitment agency, you may be offered a discount on fees.

As temporary workers are usually working on specific projects, they won’t be tied down by the everyday duties of their permanent counterparts. This means you can hire someone with a particular skill set you require for a short amount of time, or receive the peace of mind you need knowing that the work is being focused on without external interruptions.

Although you may need to spend more time initially explaining certain tasks or procedures, we know from experience that temp workers like to make a positive and lasting impression so are likely to go out of their way to impress you with their hard work. What’s more, if it turns out that you really like your temp then you can offer them a permanent position, saving you time scanning through CVs, holding interviews and waiting for notice periods to end.

Quick recruitment process
Temporary workers are often open to flexible working arrangements and available at short notice, so, in urgent situations you can have a temp within your business on the same day you request one. For example, Bond Williams have a thoroughly tested, interviewed and referenced database of temporary staff who can be on site at your company within a few hours if needed! Hiring temporary staff is often quicker too and therefore, you won’t have to invest hours in getting the additional help you require.

Cover holidays, absence due to illness, or sudden departures
Hiring temporary or contract employees is an ideal solution to maintain the status quo during short or longer-term periods of permanent staff absence. Temps can be employed quickly to cover a certain time frame or be put in place until more fixed decisions have been made. Either way, temporary cover means you won’t be caught short and can carry on with business as usual!

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