Temporary Workers providing Key Strategic Skills?

  14th July 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources, Temps

UK employers are investing more resources to attract the temporary workers they need to provide ‘key strategic skills’, according to a survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

In the past, temps have been a resource to help cope with peaks in demand or when permanent staff are absent, but this latest survey finds 80% of employers hire temporary workers for ‘short-term access to key strategic skills’. Reflecting this strategic importance, 65% report that their agency staff and contractors earn more than they would if they were permanently employed.

Considering methods for finding candidates for temporary roles, just 4% of employers said ‘people approach us’, representing a 10% decline since last year. In the same time frame, the use of off-line advertising has doubled, with 15% of employers now posting vacancies via ads in magazines, newspapers, and shop and office windows.

Suzanne Sherriff, our Commercial Team Leader — Temporary Division, says “This is interesting as it reflects the trend for short term contracts to be more lucrative to attract the right people. In the past, temporary work was associated with the lower-skilled end of the jobs market, but the profile of agency workers is changing. Many more people choose to work in this way because of the pay and flexibility it offers.”

With almost all employers (97%) reporting to have ‘no’ or ‘little’ capacity to take on more work without an increase in staff, hiring intentions remain high. 62% plan to increase permanent staff in the short term and 97% plan to increase or maintain current number of agency workers in the next 3-12 months.

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