Temporary work is a stable option

  8th September 2011      
 Company News, Employment

The latest Report for Jobs, from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), shows that there is a healthy demand for temporary and contract employees. This is particularly the case in engineering, IT and finance sectors.

This good news comes prior to new regulations for temporary staff to receive the same basic working and employment conditions as permanent staff, which come into force next month.

Temporary workers can often work very flexible hours, so temping can be a great option for people who need to work around commitments, such as school runs and school holidays.

For people who get bored easily, temporary work is perfect for variety. Moving around different companies and taking on various assignments keeps the mind freshly entertained and interested.

Another reason that many people turn to temporary work is to trial different industries and organisations for those who are unsure what job is for them. Chief of the REC, Kevin Green, says: “Temping is an excellent way of trying new options, whether trying different industries or job positions, or perhaps re-entering the world of work.”

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