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Temping with Bond Williams

Here at Bond Williams, we have an entire team dedicated to securing temporary roles for temporary candidates – from short-term administrative, customer service and sales roles to more specialist human resources, IT, accounting and finance positions.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary placement to tide you over between other commitments or while you find your ideal permanent role, temping can be a great solution.

In many cases, temporary roles can turn into permanent placements too and we work with hundreds of companies across a range of industries, so we’re confident we can find an appropriate role for you, and fast.

This page contains more information about how we work when it comes to temporary placements.

Already registered?

If you’re already registered with us or have recently secured an assignment through Bond Williams, you can access and complete your online timesheets here.

How temping with Bond Williams works:

  • When successfully registering with us for temporary work, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to look after you.
  • For any role assigned, you will be representing Bond Williams as well as yourself.
  • You will be given a personal log in and link to complete your hours online and store your payslips and other relevant information.
  • Our dedicated payroll team will ensure you are paid correctly and consistently every week and are available on a direct number to deal with any queries quickly and efficiently.
  • A Temp Handbook is available on request.

Our commitment: 

  • We will listen to your requirements and be honest if we do not have anything suitable at the time.
  • We will work quickly and professionally and keep you updated with opportunities or progress of potential assignments.
  • You will be fully briefed on any relevant roles and once assigned, we will provide you with all the necessary information to prepare you for your start date.

In return, we ask you to be open and honest with us: 

  • Discuss any issues or concerns about an assignment with us and we will endeavour to help.
  • If you are unwell or you will be absent, you must call your Account Manager by 9am. This is so we can try to provide our clients with a replacement to avoid letting them down, or give them as much notice as possible of any unplanned absences.
  • Give us as much notice as possible if there may be a reason that you cannot commit to the full length of an assignment – a minimum of 2 days is required.
  • Always ensure your timesheet is signed by your manager and sent to us on time – this ensures you are paid promptly.
  • Always send us an updated CV after completing an assignment so we can use this to secure your next temporary role.


Still have questions? Check out our Temp Work FAQs here.

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