Survey shows lack of leadership skills threatens employees

  19th April 2013      

Head Heart + Brain, a leadership development consultancy has compiled a very poignant survey which goes to show how many people in the UK feel under pressure or threatened by their boss. It is thought that due to lack of leadership skills and managerial understanding 47% of those asked ‘does the leadership of your organisation make you feel threatened or rewarded?’ replied that they felt threatened.

On the plus side it also shows that 53% did feel rewarded but highlights the need for more to be done to make workplaces more harmonious and ultimately working better together.

Jan Hills, partner at Head Heart + Brain, explains: “On the whole, UK leaders are failing to send out positive signals of reward to their employees. It is making organisations less productive and more resistant to change, something which the UK cannot afford as it tries to drag itself out the economic quicksand created by the 2008 financial crisis.”

The sectors that felt most threatened were scientists, doctors, retail managers and civil servants, with civil servants feeling the most vulnerable with almost 75% answering ‘threatened’ to the behaviour question.

It might be important to realise the problems that the retail sector in particular has had to deal a lot of economic pressure over the last few years. These types of anxieties are passed from staff chain down to the next, whereby managers feeling inept or are given little extra training on how to deal with the ongoing problems.

Jan Hills continues on this point: “A lack of quality leadership is holding some sectors back, and the retail sector is one of the biggest culprits.  Christmas sales were down and stores like HMV and Blockbuster have folded.  Retail leaders aren’t coping well with the pace of change in the sector. They are managing their employees in a threatening way, which is dragging down productivity and making it harder for the sector to adapt to seismic changes in the economy. This is particularly worrying in a sector where there is such a close link between motivated employees, customer service and profitability”

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