Staff retention Vs Cuts

  10th March 2011      
 Company News, Employment

International Recruitment is looking up, according to reports from a survey conducted by Antal recruitment agency. The survey that questioned over 14,400 international companies, found that despite the fact recruitment figures are down, the international recruitment market is still buoyant.

The Global Snapshot Survey discovered a 7% drop, down to 16%, in the number of organisations looking to lay off staff within the six months following from September 2010.

To accompany the drop in the forecast of upcoming recruitment levels is the dip in active recruitment processes by organisations. Despite the research suggesting lower recruitment levels for 2011, the research does suggest an increase in staff retention with predictions for it to continue to do so.

In addition to the positive outlook on staff retention, UK companies gave the second highest level of current active recruitment. 66% of questioned organisations stated they were looking to hire at some point in 2011. This is more than likely due to companies exiting the downsizing stage and are now, once again, ready to grow.

On a global scale the country with the lowest level of current active recruitment was Argentina. Yet whilst having the lowest levels of active recruitment, Argentina still has a relatively high percentage (60%) of organisations looking to hire.

It is essential that the global recruitment market holds a positive outlook; the world’s economy is so interlinked that success in other countries will benefit the UK. However despite reports stating recruitment is down in the past several months, the industry is yet to cease.

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