Sickness benefit and the story so far

  28th April 2011      
 Company News

Following the government’s announcement to provide health assessments for those claiming sickness benefit, the reports so far make interesting reading.
Three-quarters of claimants who apply for sickness benefit have been found fit to work or in 36% of cases have dropped their claims completely before undergoing the assessment.
887,300 of the 1,175,700 incapacity benefit applicants now to be renamed ‘employment and support allowance’ failed to qualify for assistance.

Although this signifies good news for the government benefit purse it makes for more pressure on the recruitment sector. With unemployment continually raising this adds further concern on those who will now be termed as ‘Jobseekers’.

It will also create difficult decisions for business owners looking to employ these jobseekers in a few ways. Firstly if they are from the 36% who have cancelled their application, a matter trust is questionable. Secondly, having been out of work so long, are their skills up to date or relevant, are they capable of maintaining interest in work throughout working hours and thirdly, would continual sickness absences or general health be an issue in their employ?

Against so much talent in the jobs market it might be tricky for candidates to see how the real affect of their previous claim can be seen in a positive light without prejudice, while those who have constantly worked have the upper edge.

If you are worried about your job prospects after spending a long time from work after sickness issues, please get in touch and see how we might help you back to active employment.

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