Screening candidates in a digital age: video interviews

  2nd December 2014      
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The war for talent is hotting up and firms attract quality clients and candidates from across the country, sometimes from other countries, too. Innovation and efficiency – as well as saving our clients time and money – is at the root of the Bond Williams recruitment process and that’s why we recommend interviewing shortlisted candidates via SkyPe.

Director Robert Bond said: “We don’t just deal with decision makers here in Dorset and Hampshire. Some of our clients are based throughout the UK or in some cases the world and in some cases, several managers and their HR team will be involved in the recruitment process. “SkyPe allows us to still react quickly in a fast-paced and candidate-driven marketplace. This gives you the upper hand over your competitors and a better chance of landing those quality candidates that are in demand.”

The beauty of SkyPe screening call is that you can interact as closely as possible with an interviewee without actually being there. This sets you up to not only save time up front, but also have a better chance of finding a great recruit down the line. One of the fastest expanding areas of recruitment is the IT division, so it makes sense to use a recruiter who thinks outside the box and uses the latest technology, coupled with advanced digital marketing techniques, to source the best candidates.

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