Robot patents: the future is now

  15th May 2015      
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By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor

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Next month, a TV show called ‘Humans’ on Channel 4 will explore the not-too-unlikely possibility of the development of robot helpers for the home. Of course, Google has to be ahead of the game when it comes to adding a personality – or, in their words, “personification in the sense of human characteristics or qualities attributed to a non-human thing”. And they have been awarded a patent to develop this. According to reports, robots could soon react to human emotion based on data they mine from users. Does that excite or scare you more? By “[determining] or [identifying] information about a user”, a tailored personality would be created.

The patent noted: “The robot may be programmed to take on the personality of real-world people (e.g., behave based on the user, a deceased loved one, a celebrity and so on) so as to take on character traits of people to be emulated by a robot. There’s even the potential to download different personality types from the Cloud, as well. Would you prefer a butler-style robot;or something more comical?

There’s even a suggestion that you could programme robot with characteristics of a loved one. “Adoption of a personality, or some personification attributes, could be more direct, such as a simple user command to adopt a character by name: ‘Be mom’; ‘Become Gwynneth’; ‘Adopt persona Beta’,” the patent read. “It makes sense if you are going to have robots to have them personalized and Google already does a lot of this in the services it offers. It makes perfect sense to have the technology to do it for robots,” Martin Garner, senior vice president at CCS Insight, told CNBC.

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